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Listing only the milestones that are designed to contribute directly to the emergence of Archmage, as a high revenue business. Each milestone listed below, is focused on growth of an existing, stable business. The focus here is effort for growth, specifically.


Feb 2022

– Saad-Akhter.com setup as a more personalized, more focused, single person studio approach for targetting game development startups and companies

– PSEB (Pakistan Software Export Board) Regisration done for Archmage, certificate recieved

March 2022

– Unreal engine contracts started as one off or limited monthly retainers, with 2 – 5 active clients at a time

April – July 2022

– Unreal engine Multiplayer and AWS Networking learnt and implemented in IGL game project

June 2022

– Python Anvil learning started, for automating big chunks of web application development

July 2022

– IBM Cloud Computing Course 01 Completed on Coursera with certificate.

– Tax filing every year, current getting ready to file.

Aug 2022

– Saad-Akhter game development montage video produced & shared globally, plus embedded on website.

– …

– …


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